Umhlanga Tourism Members Can Visit Monkeyland

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Lara Mostert of Monkeyland KZN reported that the organisation, which is new to KZN, cannot function at 100% as they are not yet allowed to take members of the public on ‘monkey safaris’ for a fee.  Until they are, they can offer free ‘monkey safaris’ to the trade.

This means that anyone who works in the local tourism office, anyone who owns or works at a local hotel or B&B, any tour operator, travel agent or member of the media (journalist, blogger) is able to contact Monkeyland on email or telephonically to book a site inspection. Each guest is welcome to bring along friends or family (up to eight pax per group).

‘It’s a great excursion,’ says Lara, ‘for people who have visitors and wish to entertain them in a novel way.  We have a restaurant (pizzas only at present), so visitors can stop for lunch if they wish to. Our liquor licence is still pending so naturally guests can bring their own drinks. We will keep it chilled and provide the glasses. The restaurant is 100% child and pet friendly.’

This offer is open to members of Umhlanga tourism.

Contact: 032-004-0178 for bookings or email Visit

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