Humphrey Announced as Umhlanga Tourism Ambassador

umhlanga tourism ambassador

Humphrey and Peter Rose, Umhlanga Tourism

Humphrey is going strong in his campaign to be a dog in a million. Over the festive season he raised a whopping R8000 for the

SPCA – a timely donation because of the influx of strays to the animal charity at that time of year. Seeff Properties Umhlanga thought his endeavours so marvellous that they named him ‘Hero of the Month’ in their Thank-you Campaign in December 2017 (see Now Umhlanga Tourism has named Humphrey its Brand Ambassador. Well done

umhlanga tourism ambassador

Humphrey with Peter Rose, chairman of Umhlanga Tourism, and Alwyn Immerman


Humphrey was an easy choice for the position of Umhlanga Tourism Brand Ambassador. Here’s why:

  • Humphrey is a REGULAR LOCAL. He works at the Umhlanga Medisport Pharmacy, Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga Rocks, every Thursday from 2pm to 8pm.
  • Humphrey cares about the COMMUNITY. And you can too! To donate to Humphrey’s SPCA fundraising efforts visit the pharmacy and donate cash, pay via Zapper or do an EFT into the SPCA’s bank account (see accompanying details). Be sure to quote ‘Humphrey’ as the reference so Humphrey’s takings can be accurately recorded. Remember: giving is good for your mental health.
  • Humphrey is FRIENDLY & AVAILABLE. Humphrey is always up for a pat (on Thursdays) and can even be taken for walks – by you! Humphrey is so well-known that his owner, Alwyn Immerman, who works at the pharmacy, is really just wallpaper when Humphrey’s around.
  • Humphrey is HEALTHY & promotes good HEALTH. We know this because he works at a pharmacy and because patting dogs increases endorphin levels in humans (we just made that up but, hey, it sounds good).

Humphrey has been active on the charity scene for some time and has to date raised over R300,000.00 for the SPCA. Keep an eye on the Umhlanga Tourism blog and Facebook page for Humphrey’s Umhlanga Tourism activities and news.

Umhlanga Tourism: your regular, local, friendly, available, health-conscious Community Tourist Office.

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